Saint Paul t metformin 500 mg price Install via NuGet

Giulianova valacyclovir over the counter equivalent We highly recommend using NuGet to install Fortis and its related packages into your solution.

Zürich (Kreis 10) lasix rx Fortis Install-Package Fortis

Fortis MVC 4.X

Install-Package Fortis.Mvc

Fortis MVC 5.X

Install-Package Fortis.Mvc-5

Fortis WebForms

Install-Package Fortis.WebForms

Fortis Search – Lucene

Install-Package Fortis.Search.Lucene

Fortis Search – Solr

Install-Package Fortis.Search.Solr

Fortis 6

Install-Package Fortis6

To understand which packages you need to use you can refer to the table below. If you’re looking to use Fortis on a version below Sitecore 7 then please bear in mind this is no longer supported but can still be downloaded.

Sitecore 8.0+ MVC Sitecore 7.2+ MVC Sitecore 7.0-7.1 MVC Sitecore 7.2+ WebForms Sitecore 7.0-7.1 WebForms Sitecore 6.5-6.6
Fortis (3.5 – Latest)  •  •   • 
Fortis (3.0)      
Fortis MVC 5.X  •  •    
Fortis MVC 4.X      
Fortis WebForms      
Fortis Search – Lucene/Solr
Fortis 6 (1.0)

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