Installation buy Lyrica in thailand Install via NuGet

ce formulaire de contact We highly recommend using NuGet to install Fortis and its related packages into your solution.


Install-Package Fortis

Fortis MVC 4.X

Install-Package Fortis.Mvc

Fortis MVC 5.X

Install-Package Fortis.Mvc-5

Fortis WebForms

Install-Package Fortis.WebForms

Fortis Search – Lucene

Install-Package Fortis.Search.Lucene

Fortis Search – Solr

Install-Package Fortis.Search.Solr

Fortis 6

Install-Package Fortis6

To understand which packages you need to use you can refer to the table below. If you’re looking to use Fortis on a version below Sitecore 7 then please bear in mind this is no longer supported but can still be downloaded.

Sitecore 8.0+ MVC Sitecore 7.2+ MVC Sitecore 7.0-7.1 MVC Sitecore 7.2+ WebForms Sitecore 7.0-7.1 WebForms Sitecore 6.5-6.6
Fortis (3.5 – Latest)  •  •   • 
Fortis (3.0)      
Fortis MVC 5.X  •  •    
Fortis MVC 4.X      
Fortis WebForms      
Fortis Search – Lucene/Solr
Fortis 6 (1.0)

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