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We’ve just released version 3.5 of Fortis a few days ago and have now also released a minor update bumping the version to 3.5.1. The main focus of the new version was to re-work the current implementation of how we handle interacting with the Sitecore search API. Prior to Sitecore 7.2 there were some issues […]

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The day has arrived and we will be demonstrating how easy it is to get up and running with Fortis. We’ll be taking a basic, but awesome, site which uses the standard Sitecore APIs and converting it over to use Fortis. The primary focus will be on wrapping your items with the Fortis framework and […]

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We’ve just done a small bug fix release bumping Transitus to This release addresses the following issue(s). The BaseTemplateIds property was returning the ID of the template object the property is being called on instead of the IDs that it inherits from. This has now been corrected and it will now return the list […]

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What is it? As part of the Fortis Collection we’re releasing a small library called Transitus (Transition), we thought we’d follow on with the Latin naming convention. The main thought behind the library is to help enable code generation, but ultimately it can be used in any scenario where you need strongly typed objects derived […]

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It’s been a long time coming but we’ve finally got a website for Fortis, things feel a little more legitimate now I think! So what will you find on the website, albeit parts are still in progress :). What is Fortis and why should you use it? Quickly get started with Fortis on Sitecore 7. […]