NEW: Introducing the Toolcore suite for Sitecore

We’ve just released a small suite of tools, aptly named Toolcore, to help with your continuous integration and delivery processes. Toolcore provides a small set of APIs, services and executables which can be easily deployed to your Sitecore instance. While the main intention of the tools are for using a CI/CD environment each of the layers (API, service & executable) can be used separately. If you want to use a PowerShell script with the service instead of the executable then you’re good to go! Not interested in using the web service then the API can be used on its own.

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Currently two processes are supported, Sitecore update package installation and publishing. Both will give you real time progress feedback which will allow your CI/CD processes to report and move on to their next steps.

Update Package Installation




More information can be found in the Toolcore section of the website.

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