Transitus – start reading those serialised Sitecore files now!

pourquoi ne pas essayer ici buy real modafinil What is it?

As part of the Fortis Collection we’re releasing a small library called Transitus (Transition), we thought we’d follow on with the Latin naming convention. The main thought behind the library is to help enable code generation, but ultimately it can be used in any scenario where you need strongly typed objects derived from the serialised files. At present the library supports reading all the serialised Sitecore item files in a folder (recursively) and then you’re able to extract out the template items.

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We’ll also have another version soon which will make it easy to get an object which matches the tree structure of the serialised files. As I mentioned earlier the initiative behind this library is code generation so we’ll also be releasing a NuGet package that will help with generating the classes and interfaces used with Fortis. And as if that isn’t enough, we’re also looking to release some T4 templates which you’ll be able to use with TDS (Team Development for Sitecore). How do I get it?

Start using Transitus now by visiting the dedicated page on the website!

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